Kanlum Lagoon is located 15 minutes from downtown Tulum by road from Tulum to Muyil south, approximately 9 km south of Tulum.

The word means Kamlum yellow earth, and that is the name that the locals decided to put this beautiful lake.

It is a large lake in a circle, in the area near the edge has a depth of 2 meters and toward the center of the lagoon s some divers said that reach 80 meters deep

Gran Cenote

You can do snorkeling and diving in caves.

The lagoon is surrounded by mangroves and the water is clear and transparent, between green and blue colors.

It is the place for a relaxing swim in calm waters ideal for families

The lake is open from 8 am to 5 pm, there are people who are responsible for the cleanliness of the place and atention to the public

The entrance fee for adults is $ 20 pesos and 100 pesos divers

Gran Cenote


  • Parking area
  • Dock
  • Kayaks

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