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Temazcal in Tulum

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One of the most important traditions of the Mayan culture is the Temazcal is a purification ritual, body and soul through a small chamber made of stone, which were introduced even for several days to find themselves while meditated and relaxed, ending as a new being.

All this process is performed accompanying various flavors, steam and some singing. It was used mostly with pregnant women to achieve that being who was to come was a good person and blessed by the gods.

Today, the Temazcal is used in ceremonies of spiritual renewal, beginning with burn copal, which is the resin of a tree to make a clean then bring harmony to the soul, body and mind.

Subsequently, a freshly brewed herbal tea, bathing some volcano rocks to generate steam in addition to relax the participants begin to desintoxicarles the body.

Upon completion of these steps, we proceed to four meditations that represent the four cardinal points, between each opens a little door to allow the new energy of the next point can enter.

Finally, it should be immersed into the cold waters of a cenote, this to conclude the purification process, as with cold water removes waste from the energies released with the steam.

Although the procedure is the same, each participant experiences a different feel, depending on the need to release emotions and energies and vibes you bring.

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