Hearing Tulum, our first thought is the archaeological area, beaches and nature, but rarely hear about the people.

The town of Tulum also has a lot to offer, especially in the downtown area, plus it also has hotels that are less expensive and therefore are not comfortable, the only difference is that they are close to the beach.

Besides hotels, there are many more things to do in downtown Tulum, super marketsrestaurants, cafes, a place so quiet breakfast with freshly baked bread, accompanied with some jelly or fruit, clothing and other more than souvenirs and handicrafts.

Cenote Dos Ojos

During the night, the fun is not expected, as some places have live music to accompany your dinner; below the municipal palace there are different shows that teach you a little more about the culture, such as folkloric ballet performances , yucatan traditions, other places offer the opportunity to dance all night and can even sing some karaoke.

In the center is easier and less expensive to hire a taxi to take you to the different parts of the town or the archaeological sites , banks and ATMs are available in almost every street.

Cenote Dos Ojos

Gas stations do not wait, as well as convenience stores and 24-hour operation, are also scattered around here.

The bus station is located in the center of Tulum.

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