Punta Allen

Punta Allen Tulum, Hotels Tulum

The advance within the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an discover the beauties that protects, among them is Punta Allen.

In Punta Allen will have the opportunity to interact with the surrounding nature while enjoying its pristine beaches with warm waters and soft sand, between the Caribbean Sea and the Bay Spirit.

There are basic services that will make your visit a true experience, find places to stay or if you prefer you can also camp, so it is recommended to bring the necessary items such as insect repellent and food.

During the day you can explore the sea shore or a boat ride make, lying under a palm tree or simply cool swim a little, you will also notice that it is difficult to find some places to eat.

It is note worthy that all providers of this place, are the same people who very kindly will attend as it deserves, making your stay in Punta Allen somewhat surprising.

Among the activities that can be performed is diving, fishing, snorkeling, bird watching, mangrove tours and kayaking, among others.
And at evening you will not find anything more beautiful to admire the sun set while relaxing on the sand.

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