If you decide to travel to Tulum by bus, you should first check the times of each trip , buying in advance is recommended, especially in the holiday season when the terminals are overcrowded, you can spend long hours waiting for a place.

From Merida you can take the bus at the CAME terminal, scheduled from early morning, reaching Tulum at 10:45 am if you take the first trip in the morning, from there outputs are generated every two hours.

If you come from Cancun to Tulum, you will have the opportunity to come at 8:30 in the morning if you decide to board the first bus from the terminal at 6:00 am, if you prefer a little more rest before departing, do not worry because in this season there runs every hour.

Similarly, you can get to Tulum departing from Playa del Carmen, from there the distance is only an hour.

In the Tulum bus station you can buy your ticket to return and may also request a ticket to the Airport of Merida or Cancun, check the times are different in some cases.

Back to Merida CAME terminal, the runs are every half hour beginning at 1:30 am and 11:30 pm.
To return to the Cancun terminal, departures are every hour starting from 6:30 am until 9:55 pm.

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