Among the wonders that Tulum offers, are in many cenotes, one of the most famous and is closet o Tulum is Zazil-Ha cenote, just 15 minutes from this place.

The Zazil-Ha cenote was discovered about 30 years ago, since then it has been slowly renovated to become the tourist center that is now.

Surrounded by wooden walkways, guarding the entrances and along the cenote, with stairs for easy access, this cenote jade green waters, offers a spectacular view, it is possible to observe from outside the wide variety of fish that live there .

Cenote Zazil Ha

If you prefer to live with them a little closer, do not hesitate to dive into the depths of this great hole, here you will see the caves of this cenote and slowly go down until you reach the bottom, where you will admire the different rock formations that make it up and shortly you will be in front of the cave "tears", was named because its stalactites are shaped drops that simulate tears, you can explore through the channel that connects this cenote with the Skull and Car Wash.

Definitely a unique experience not to be missed, plus it offers services as palapas, bathrooms, parking and rental of equipment for snorkeling and diving, or you can bring your own.

Admission is $ 50 general, and $ 100 pesos for divers weights, do not forget to bring some snacks to enjoy your stay, if you prefer you can buy here.

Visiting hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.

Cenote Zazil Ha

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