Another cenote located very close to the road a few miles is the cenote in Tulum Car Wash. Many years before being discovered as such, people used the water that was stored there to wash their cars, now used to enjoy a crisp break.

Upon arrival you will notice that it is a large pool, in which divers found an undiscovered paradise, because while immersing you can admire the different plants that live in the deep and beautiful rock formations, they have adapted so that simulates be a house with a few rooms, which can be reached with the help of a guide.

Discover the large amount of algae that abound there sometimes are in the background creating a green floor, but sometimes give the impression of being a door that divides the ground water.

Cenote Carwash

The best thing about this tour is the time to meet friendly locals, some fish and even a few turtles, the walls are completely covered with plants and decorated with amazing stalactites.

On the outside it has installed a small recreational park, surrounded by lush trees to rest, places to eat and organize a picnic for your comfort and also has a parking.

The entry fee is $ 40.00 for visitors and swimmers and $ 120.00 for divers.

Cenote Carwash


  • Restaurant Bar
  • Cabins
  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Vests for rent
  • Local income events

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