Very close to the road from TulumCoba, a cenote is somewhat gloomy name, a skull, actually gets its name due to the optical illusion that creates light reflection at the bottom of this cave , having some stones and be reflected with the sun gives the impression of being a skull.

Because of its great depth, only allows experienced divers dive, however you can visit this site without entering the water.

To get you have to walk a few miles and then found a large hole in the ground, to look inward to find the beautiful cenote it. You can take a big leap from here and reach the depths or can also go down the stairs.

Cenote Calavera

Lowering notice that will be surrounded by a circle of 160 meters, here you can admire the variety of fish that will accompany you visiting these waters, the water is not as cold but not too warm, the walls will notice some stones skipped where you can rest a moment before continuing the adventure.

If you move a little more discover a peculiar phenomenon, as a part of the cenote converge sea salt waters of the cenote with sweets, here note that it forms a kind of rainbow as the sea does not mix at any time, hence one like mixture of water and oil.

To make this more relaxing ride you can bring along some food to organize a picnic with his family while cooling in the water.

The entry fee is $ 50.00 if not submerged because if you come to dive will cost $ 100.00.

Photo Hero: glovetrotteuse

Photo: roadto100countries